Ahoy all ye Scalley wags!

My name is Doug Hauger and I am a designer who codes. I have been working intensely in JS/Jquery/Web responsive design for couple of years now and am loving the challenge of it. I guess that describes me pretty well. I love challenges. And codeing is a lot like a puzzle that needs to be solved. With every tool you learn, you have more knowledge to solve that puzzle. My background is in Games, but beleive it or not, game UI is a lot like Web UI and knowing what it is to have great user interaction is just as important. We used to call it a "shell". Now its a "web app" or "web page". Gaming and the web are officially tied together from networking to marketing.

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Updated 02/08/2014

What be my purpose?

If I can combine tech and creativity, then I am one happy Pirate. some of the things I do are:

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